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project via virtual reality "Munqith"

project via virtual reality "Munqith"

project via virtual reality "Munqith"

Report of the workshop presenting the first responder project via virtual reality "Munqith"

The Saudi Society for Traffic Safety implemented a training workshop on Wednesday 12/7/2022 at the College of Engineering, in the presence of representatives of several entities, including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, hospitals, traffic, road security, civil defense and the Red Crescent, as the number of participating entities reached 14, and at the beginning of the workshop a member of the Society was introduced Salamh Dr. Saud Al-Turki, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, National Director of Traumatology Courses and CEO of the Academy of Sciences for Medical Education, for the idea and implementation of the first responder project via virtual reality "Savior"

And obtaining many internal and external credits, and many courses were implemented with road security, education, and through commercial complexes, and everyone appreciated the project.

And the idea of ​​​​the “Munqith” program using the virtual reality mechanism at the request of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. The program is presented in a simplified educational manner and in several languages, guiding the learner with simple steps to acquire knowledge and skills, the most important emergency symptoms, namely: choking for adults and children, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the use of the electric shock device in cases of cardiac arrest, and the program to stop bleeding.

The program gives the viewer an opportunity to live in different and realistic environments such as a school, workshop, restaurant, street, and others. It provides the option for the trainee to repeat the attempt with a simple theoretical exam and a practical exam to ensure his familiarity with the course, with a dashboard showing the results before obtaining a certificate of achievement. This program has been accredited by the American College of Surgeons, and the Scientific and Legislative Committee of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

  The attendees tried the respondent program by wearing virtual reality glasses to learn about its use under the guidance of Dr. Saud, then Dr. Saud presented a 20-minute lecture about the content of the program, when, where, who, and what the trainees would benefit from the program. Munqith program among their employees