Friday, 19th April 2024 | 2:53 pm

Mothers and Families Committee for Accident Victims

The Committee for Mothers and Families of Car Accident Victims is one of the committees of the Saudi Traffic Safety Association, which works to achieve the goals of the association in the context of educating mothers and families of victims of car accidents and preparing and training trainers in traffic safety


                    Bringing about a change in behavior that contributes to reducing car accidents and the resulting damage



Educating and empowering women to play their positive role in raising awareness and education in a manner that achieves traffic safety

  • Preparing a program to spread traffic safety culture in schools in the form of an awareness bag that includes presentations, stories, songs, films, cartoons and others.
  • Conducting training courses for responsible qualification in each school to implement the awareness program in its school.
  • Participating in traffic weeks, exhibitions, conferences and awareness campaigns by presenting programs for adults and children.
  • Establishing certified preventive leadership training courses